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On February 22nd of 1965, Asofrigo S. Coop was founded in Bilbao. This small cooperative workshop that initially handled repairs and assemblies in the area of commercial cooling, soon went on to handle air conditioning installations at all levels.

Over time and after their incorporation in the region’s iron and steel industry, Asofrigo made its move into large businesses of the Basque Country. With the purpose of solving the concrete problems of these businesses, they began constructing industrial refrigeration units having custom-made technical and physical characteristics designed for concrete applications, being registered as a brand with registration number no. 1,109,194.

Currently having over 20 employees, Asofrigo offers service to a number of steel companies in the Basque Country and neighboring provinces, constructing refrigeration equipment for various regions worldwide as well as air conditioning installations at all levels in the geographic region.

Asofrigo S. Coop. offers its customers an increasing range of services, practically in all fields related to the control of environmental factors, including ventilation, humidity control, air filtration, temperature control, etc... as well as heating and cooling services for industrial processes.  


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