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Over the past 40 years, Asofrigo S. Coop has developed refrigeration equipment capable of functioning in the most extreme conditions. Some of the basic characteristics of said equipment includes the following:

  • Functioning at high condensation temperatures (up to 90ºC)
  • Solid casings to protect equipment from accidental impacts
  • Full access to all elements, facilitating maintenance and repair
  • High quality components, guaranteeing the reliability of all equipment
  • Assembly systems that allow for reliable functioning, even on mobile or vibrating surfaces.
  • Development of custom-made equipment to suit the needs of each customer

The economic costs derived from any unforeseen downtime in the industrial processes, justify the placement of the strongest, most resistant and reliable equipment possible. Asofrigo S. Coop. works every day for the past 40 years to ensure that their equipment offers a solution to this problem.  Some of the most common applications of our equipment includes:

  • Overhead crane beams
  • Crane cabs
  • Water refrigeration for industrial processes
  • Fluid refrigeration for industrial processes
  • Refrigeration of electrical rooms
  • Refrigeration of electrical panels

At Asofrigo S. Coop., we offer service to a multitude of steel companies in the north of Spain, developing industrial refrigeration equipment to be used across the world.


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